Mint cheating heart. Antix ooo la la; but she’s a boy?

So as a new Linux user I am slowly discovering the wonderful world of distros. My first install and love being Mint.

I felt like a teenage boy who had his first real crush and gets passed second or third base. I mean Mint took me there, she was my first. Mint de-virginized me. She popped my Linux cherry. Just like Tammy… Aah yes I can still remember her last name. I grin with glee 30 years later.

So I’m a guy you know. I mean although Tammy, ugh I mean Mint was my first I am still just a beginner. I respect Mint since she showed me the ropes and was gentle in her introduction to Linux, she’s on my old go to laptop now.

I have a new laptop, one with an old grammie Windows 10 OS. I mean Mint is a babe compared to that wrinkly old hag. Aarrrgh just thinking of those granny skivies…. Eeewww. Same old clothes; she changes style a little bit but just so conservative and outdated. And her speed? Ahhh…. she needs an escort just to cross an internection.(I made it up: Internet, intersection and connection) “Here old lady, take my hand, may I help you along”.

Mint on the other hand has a bod that can stop a clock. Speaking of clocks, I can modify almost anything with conkies or apps to make my desktop as sexy as Mint deserves (all distros). And her moves: she is graceful and light, she is efficient and effective, and damn it she just looks hot. So yeah, Mint’s my chick and we are having the time of our lives together. She has renewed my affection for my 15 year old lap top, technology, and programming. She has brought me joy for her functionality, ease of use, and install.

Oh install, let me tell you about the install with Linux Mint. (may contain graphic content)

From the minute you slide that big juicy ISO usb into that tight little laptop slot it is bliss. As the laptop begins to take it in , all that sweet juicy Mint grub data pouring onto it’s hard drive. My excitement grew with anticipation of what was coming. A new life with this old lap top?

I would finally get away from that witch hag Windows who would always be stuck between apps or lagging on a web page, or constantly moaning about picking up another update and then putting the rest of my life on hold while she did.

Anyway…. Where was I? Ah yes, install with Mint. Oh it was amazing… In’n’out, wham bam thank you mam. Mint really gave it to me, she blew me away from the minute I stuck it in. I dual booted Mint on my old laptop and everything was easy and worked. The install manager proportioned the drives as per my preferences and then proceeded to take the designated space to install itself on the hard drive and away we go!

Once the prompt fired up onto my screen it was love at first sight.

Mint is this green eyed dark long haired beauty with an emerald silk dress and high heels. She is classy, sexy and alluring; but friendly and approachable. She has good support and has a very good community following. I mean I want to bring her home to meet mom. Professional, smooth and highly functional without being complicated.

“I’m in love.”

As time passes Mint and I are like “Two peas in a pod”, I am as happy as ever with my new O/S. I am learning and getting used to the Linux environment slowly modifying and adding apps or customizations to my laptop, working in the terminal and using it as my main system. Life with Mint is great.

So great that I begin speaking to some of my friends about Linux as an operating system and my recent relationship with Mint. One of my friends then says that he is having problems with his old desktop and asks me if I know anything about computers.

I tell him that I have recently installed a new Linux based OS on my computer and it has greatly increased the speed and functionality of my old system. I am far from a techie and have only been around the block once in Linux with Mint. I believe however that Linux might solve his problems as it has mine and I want to experiment again with an older computer. He says as long as I can save his pictures from the hard drive I can do as I like to try to fix his system.

So I fire this dusty rag up with a Pentium 4 and 512Mb of RAM. Its an old tower with a cd/dvd and another writeable drive. He is using a usb Dlink dual band adapter. It does not have a built in wifi adapter; this used to be a dial up hard line computer. It has WindowsXP and dates from 2003.

I begin checking things out and opening windows, and it’s slow. Ahhhh so slow, his antivirus pops open with a warning that the licence has expired since 2004. LOL, yeah okay.

So his system runs relatively well but as soon as I connect to the internet things begin to happen. Pop ups appear. Opening an Explorer browser window takes 5-7 minutes. Oh his system is running, not freezing up, but if I try to play around while things are loading whoooaaa, she’s gonna freeze.

More licence expiration notices from 2004 pop up again. Windows wants to start doing things and I am getting notices and noises from the system with almost every application I attempt to open. Another Windows hag slowing this computer down pretty much to a stand still. Old lady fart.

I manage to save his pictures to cd and attempt to make a windows backup to disk. The time I’ve taken to try and do this is really bothering me and this old computer with Windows is horrible. I know he said to do what ever, but what if I install Linux and he wants his windows back….I will try to save it just in case.

After a few hours, I decide I am going to go full Linux on this donkey. Screw his old WINXP.

Since my Linux love affair all began with Mint I figured I’d do a Mint install on his system and spread my love of this girl so he could enjoy himself as much as I have.

I begin checking and getting ready to reinstall my boot usb I made for Mint but I realize that maybe this system is 32 bit. It may not install. Mint is a sexy beast but she is higher maintenance than other Linux systems. There are also many applications that are pre-installed that I know he will not use.

I had already tried a few other OS with the Virtual Machine and had run into problems due to downloading the wrong 32 or 64 bit ISO’s. As I continued to read and research I finally decided to try out Antix. Their site on old computers seemed the most relevant, and I’m not a Puppy kind of person (just the way by the way I described Mint).

Even though I am thankful and no longer a Linux virgin due to that sexy babe Mint, I am going to go out and try a new distro. For the first time since we bonded on that initial install I was going to be unfaithful.

“Sorry girl, but I just have to try it with another. I’m going to do it with Antix. You know, just to be sure we were really meant to be?” What an asshole, I feel so horrible, but I am so young in the world of Linux isn’t it just normal to want to experiment. At least that is what tell myself to suppress the guilt.

I do this install from the Antix web site with K3b on a burnt dvd and then boot my friend’s computer with the Antix ISO startup disk I have made.

The computer starts booting up and the dvd drive starts spinning and within 2 seconds the live boot menu appears on screen. Wow… So I pretty much go with the default settings and press enter.

Screen goes black then text begins scrolling down on the left side with lime green (OK)’s going up the screen. Seems to be working, pretty cool; so far so good. Less than a minute goes by and the default Antix blue and grey crosses appear on the screen with a bottom icon bar and a left side menu button. There is also a default conky that displays cpu processes and memory. Wow… that was quick. Pretty slick!

With Mint I was a virgin, but now I did have some expectations about how it would go with Antix. To get this OS up and running from a ISO dvd in about 2 minutes was really really easy. The default desktop is very neat, it instantly appealed to me. It’s not with the same romanticism that I first felt with Mint, but I clicked with Antix.

So I was going to be able to present to my friend his old pc up and running with a new OS that was fast upon boot and then just as fast in the execution of tasks. A 17 year old computer that he could use to check out his pictures, listen to his music and light internet browsing.

Seeing as how I so intimately described my relationship with Mint it is only fair to compare with Antix. “Do kiss n tell!”

We’ll Antix is not sexy; in fact, I am not even sure it is a girl. I would describe Antix as more of a teenage or even tweeny bopper little boy playing video games. From the live boot menu of a space-scape to the blue and grey crosses and cpu conky on the default desktop, Antix comes across from the get go as very boyish.

As a guy and big kid at heart I immediately related. The memories of my tween years playing around with video games and computers. Antix right away is very fast and free and feels very adaptable without being complex. As I explore the menus, icons and applications, the windows open and close rapidly and everything seems to be functioning very well. I’m impressed. No bloatware just the necessary file or software/update managers, multimedia players, and internet browser. They have some cool pre-installed applications that are light and simple.

For my friend’s system this will be perfect. He will appreciate the boyish looks of Antix versus the elegance and sophistication of Mint. Antix is truly more his style and in a good way, nothing too complicated nor flashy and fake. I am enamoured. My second experience with a Linux distro and so far so good.

I proceeded to do a full installation on my friend’s hard disk which is 45G lol, but way more than enough for Antix. His 512Mb of RAM has frozen a few times and I’ve had to cold start, but Mint has also done this when under a lot of stress.

I am really beginning to like Antix for its minimalism and speed. I find myself using the terminal commands more for my updates than on Mint but I kind of like getting my fingers dirty. I also like the package and applications mangers which are more basic and run in the terminal. I like some of the pre-packaged apps like Droopy or even Dillo (a very light weight browser that cuts all the ads, truly a blessing for some of these old computers).

I’ve had several issues right from the installation with Antix from getting cd/dvd drives to function with the players and other things, or some of the pre-packaged apps not working but most of these issues are all since settled.

The support of the Antix Forum and the great moderators and volunteers were there to solve my problems. Their quick responses and truly friendly service raised Antix in my esteem. Their support was prompt and helpful and I am now glad to be part of that community and using their distro. I just recently made a new live usb of Antix that I will be able to use everywhere as well.

Their live boot usb OS is Antix’s pride and joy that I have only begun to discover. My friend’s install is completed so I did not want to keep using his computer but I did want to play around with Antix some more. It has grown on me. Now with a live usb I can use it anywhere on almost any system Antix has taken me to the next level. I have tried using it on my other two laptops, including Miss Mint and I am liking the Antix OS more and more, it runs a little faster than Mint.

The OS is quick and agile. It feels light weight and the desktop is customizable. It can definitely accomplish the basic tasks of audio, video, and internet. It is very adaptable and has many downloadable apps that can be installed, like most distros.

Antix does require more tinkering than Mint. You do have to do a a little more trouble shooting as per my experience in Antix versus Mint. Antix however appeals to me for exactly that reason. I had to figure some things out and then play with it a bit and then it worked! And it works well.

As a Linux newbie I have now had the chance to work with and experience two different distros. My first two forays into hard disk installs and sacking old windows computer systems ridding them of their WINdos chains of chastity and installing Linux OS’s has been a rewarding and enriching experience.

These two distros offered me a broader view of the freedom of open source software and the variety that is offered through linux . It has permitted me and now others to take advantage of some of the older hardware sitting around not being used due to archaic Windows OS.

Regardless of which distro a person does decide to install, for which they all have their personal reasons; all distros have their strengths and weaknesses. Just like cars there are different flavors and models with different options available depending on a person’s requirements and uses. They all have support offered by passionate humans that will help you and are devoted to their cause. And they all offer the freedom of choice.

The freedom to fall in love, or to try different things.

Published by gsas01

Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

One thought on “Mint cheating heart. Antix ooo la la; but she’s a boy?

  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Everybody knows your editrix is way too cool to use anything Ubuntu-ish, eventhough she recomends Mint for all of you as a starter and everyday Linux distro. And this writeup by gsas0 made me so horny and lusty for installing Mint again … just because.
    Let’s see what influence this article will have on you …

    And I will too. Once the long-awaited Mint 20 is out I’ll check it out for this blog. People are already beta testing and finding it greatly improved. That’s the good thing about great distros, they just become better, they evolve from version to version, while average distros are going back n forth and never find their sure footing. Yeah, looking at you Ubuntu.

    Anyhoo, enjoy!


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