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The pictures in the gallery are my first Linux Mint install. My laptop is an HP 6730b with a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz. I have about 150G of hard drive memory split between Windows 10 (approx. 75G) and Linux Mint (approx. 75G) on a dual boot. It is 2020 during the Coronavirus-19 (SARS-2) pandemic and this laptop is probably about 15 years old.

The reason I installed Linux on this laptop is because the Windows 10 crashed, and died. It would no longer power up. It was really slow when I surfed the web with a few different windows open, or when working with pictures it was the worse. It would usually end up with it freezing and me having to power off. But that one time it actually died: it went black and powered off and would not power up.

I brought the laptop to a used computer shop and then purchased a newer used laptop and had him transfer my Windows 10 to the new one along with all my files. A HP Elitebook 9470 with I5 processors and a 250G SSD hard drive. I asked the salesman about my old laptop and he said he was not interested and was not willing to offer anything for it. I decided I would bring it back home, chop it up and try and recycle some of the gold connectors and other precious metals from it; I was going to scrap metal it.

It was sitting on the table for about a week with the hard drive lying on top of it. (The tech had to remove it to transfer my data on to the newer one and when I brought it home he had not bothered to put it back in. ) So I looked at it and figured I might as well put the hard drive back in and screw it closed and open the old girl up and see if she still goes and how bad my Windows OS and data was. So I pressed the power button and it started humming and my Windows 10 started up and everything seemed to be okay. I checked my files that I had transferred to the new laptop and everything was there. I opened up my Google browser and a few windows and everything was working. Slow as before but up and running.

So this is when I began to check out the web for another operating system that might prolong the use of this old laptop for surfing the web, emails, office etc. It seemed to me who knows the very basic about computers but have used them since the 80’s that Windows 10 was part of the problem. I compare it to the new cars where when you open the hood nowadays it is covered with a big plastic shroud and everything is inaccessible for the common mechanic. Only the dealership with all the proper tools and computer diagnostics can work on it now.

The new Windows masks everything and seems to remove the feeling I used to have of running programs. Like when I typed out a run command on my old Commodore 64 to play a floppy disk. It was a black screen until I typed and told it what to do. I seemed to like the fact that I had all that computing power at my finger tips and by learning a few commands could get the computer to do what I wanted it to do.

I began reading and researching and finally decided the Linux Mint (distro) was going to be it for me. (I cannot truly remember what the kicker was for Cinnamon, but it did seem to have the best reviews, seemed easy for newbies, and I thought the name was cool; like RedHat). I was going to try and download a new operating system called Linux on my computer for the first time in my life and honestly don’t know any programming. Well it’s my old laptop and I was willing to scrap metal it, ”What the hell!, I’ll give it a go”.

There were few YOUTUBE sites that were pretty good at explaining what to do to install Mint. (I will try and find and link the sites) I downloaded Mint on a USB key, put it in the old laptop and installed it. I followed the instructions, rebooted my old laptop and presto magico I was in Linux Mint. What a beautiful green wallpaper and prompt to log it… So COOL!!!

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