So I decided to try Linux

Newbie@ Linux Mint: ~$ cd /Blog

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Windows vs. Linux O/S

As I describe myself as a newbie and newIT (new to IT) I have been experimenting with a Linux Mint Cinammon distro on an old laptop computer. SO far I am very happy with the performance and it seems to have kicked the old girl into shape. Many of the applications are faster on theContinue reading “Windows vs. Linux O/S”

More free privacy tools

So in my quest for more internet privacy and literacy the next application I downloaded to take control back of my hardware is Proton Mail. Proton mail claims to encrypt your email messages. If both users have the application the messages are totally encrypted I must make something clear however if you have read myContinue reading “More free privacy tools”

TOR part deux

I continue my quest to become more proficient in computers, ” (IT) I guess I should call it”. And as I look more into the privacy issue and taking back control of my hardware slowly I began making changes that I wanted, and using APPS that I wanted. IN my previous blog I had writtenContinue reading “TOR part deux”

Tor Browser

After some research and looking into some of the privacy issues I decided to download the TOR browser. The Onion Router. The TOR browser is definitely worth a try. Firstly, the reason for this browser and the onion routing is to keep what you do on your computer and the internet private to you asContinue reading “Tor Browser”

#1 Privacy Concerns

I became concerned with what I was experiencing because of the privacy issue. I streamed the Netflix video Snowden then watched Citizen 4 on You Tube. It describes a lot of what I was feeling. As well , my laptop was old and acting up with windows. I realized the the performance of my laptopContinue reading “#1 Privacy Concerns”

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