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So I decided to try Linux

Newbie@ Linux Mint: ~$ cd /Blog

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Learning and loving; Linux Mint

I spent this weekend playing around with my old laptop and it’s new OS Linux Mint. I am still very satisfied with my decision to try out something new and learn more about computing. Watched a Joe Collins video and enjoyed it while doing dishes. I noticed he worked in radio. He definitely has a…

Linux during the Coronavirus-19 lock down

My voyage to Linux on hiatus due to Virtual Box mishap!!! So with the lock down and world wide pandemic, it gave me time to get back to this blog. I guess most of us will be able to take some time to get back into some of the things we were too busy to…

New Year; 20 year perspective, My Linux 2.020

”Time keeps on ticking, into the future”. Yes it does, another year another decade. Wow I think back twenty years ago and the world was supposed to end; Y2K and the bug…..Oooooo the computers are going to stop working because the dates were programmed with only the two last digits of the year. Stock markets…

Is privacy even possible Part II

As I try and educate myself and learn more about keeping my personal information private I feel I am fighting an uphill battle. Firstly I am pretty computer illiterate. I can surf, use emails and MS office, watch videos and now post my blog due to free ware, but that is about it. As my…

Is internet privacy even possible?

So I have been researching privacy issues and using more and more new applications in my bid to educate myself and learn more about the internet, privacy and Linux. As I download tools to help me; be it an online course, a new app such as this WordPress, my TOR browser or even Proton Mail,…

Windows vs. Linux O/S

As I describe myself as a newbie and newIT (new to IT) I have been experimenting with a Linux Mint Cinammon distro on an old laptop computer. SO far I am very happy with the performance and it seems to have kicked the old girl into shape. Many of the applications are faster on the…

More free privacy tools

So in my quest for more internet privacy and literacy the next application I downloaded to take control back of my hardware is Proton Mail. Proton mail claims to encrypt your email messages. If both users have the application the messages are totally encrypted I must make something clear however if you have read my…

TOR part deux

I continue my quest to become more proficient in computers, ” (IT) I guess I should call it”. And as I look more into the privacy issue and taking back control of my hardware slowly I began making changes that I wanted, and using APPS that I wanted. IN my previous blog I had written…

Tor Browser

After some research and looking into some of the privacy issues I decided to download the TOR browser. The Onion Router. The TOR browser is definitely worth a try. Firstly, the reason for this browser and the onion routing is to keep what you do on your computer and the internet private to you as…

#1 Privacy Concerns

I became concerned with what I was experiencing because of the privacy issue. I streamed the Netflix video Snowden then watched Citizen 4 on You Tube. It describes a lot of what I was feeling. As well , my laptop was old and acting up with windows. I realized the the performance of my laptop…

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