Exploring the Terminal (Basic System and CPU Commands): Linux

Some of the commands and things I have been playing around with lately in the terminal.

My laptop is really slow even with my Mint install so I am always trying to find a way to speed it up and better its performance as well as begin to understand and monitor its functions. I have a dual boot with WIN10 too, so it is beginning to bother me about my memory capacity and this laptop’s abilities going forward. I will eventually convert this machine to an exclusive Linux machine but I need to get some things in order before I zap the WIN10 that is taking up half of my 150G HD. I have had a few crashes when it just freezes up and have to hard start.

I therefore started using the Terminal to start seeing what is under the hood. I have learned some of the beginner commands and am beginning to use those to navigate through my system. These sites were helpful and had all of the information I was looking for.

Learning about these commands and getting specific information about my laptop through the terminal without a bulky and tab laden window makes me feel like I am in control of my computer and can find the info I want without having to go through a file manger and open up a bunch of windows. In Linux Mint I can get some info through the system file manager and windows, but the time difference of opening up windows versus typing a four letter command is immeasurable. I guess that is what is very appealing to me. I am seeing more and more the benefits of a Linux operating system.

My favorite command to get my laptop info and processes so far is: ~$ top; I have seen htop, and have tried to run this but it has not worked. I believe I was not able to get to the root user. Anyway I will find out about that later. For now top is way cool enough for me. I get to change that baby’s colors, I have a bunch of info in real time switching on my screen, things are flashing, numbers changing; I mean I really feel like I am working for NASA and am a really cool techie dude. So much info. Hahaha I have no idea what almost any of it actually means, but it does give me an idea of my memory and laptop performance regardless of how not a cool NASA technie I am.

  • ~$ top

I will be learning more about these system functions eventually, but for now just seeing them is good enough. I begin to understand my machine’s performance.

Now that I have seen it’s performance I want to be able to see this in real time while working.

That has lead me to Cinnamon Spices and Applets. I see some cool applets and desklets that will monitor my system’s performance. They can be installed via the included with Mint applet manager or via the web site. I had one on my system but it has had a problem as I have been really screwing around with my laptop. I did a Snapshot restore and some stuff got messed up. I will look into fixing this and I am sure they will work again. On the other hand I do not want these applets to slow down my laptop anymore than it is, I will have to look into that as well.

I have learned how to access my laptop’s system information and find out things I care about such as: memory space , my system’s hard disks and partitions, hardware and software etc. It seems unlimited the type of information I can get about my computer and once again relatively easy compared to a Windows environment.

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Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

3 thoughts on “Exploring the Terminal (Basic System and CPU Commands): Linux

  1. WIN10 came out in 2015 so that laptop is probably too old for it, especially if its that “15 years” old one you mention in another post. 😉 Sounds like you may have purchased a full WIN10 license? Personally, I try to avoid the command prompt, but it sounds like you may be a ‘natural Keyboard Jockey‘!!! Probably from your “old Commodore” days. 😉 Mint is one of my favorite Distros, so you did a great job at researching for a Linux Distro, IMHO.


    1. HI Karmi, thank you for your comment. Yes my laptop is pretty old. I just checked the year of my processors: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz and it’s release date was 2006-7 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Core_2_microprocessors). If I open too many browser windows, have a few things going on in different screens or applications it freezes up. In Linux Mint however if I wait for the freeze it often can resolve itself. With WIN10 it would freeze and nothing would happen, it would simply lock up. So I am very happy with my transition to Linux and especially Mint! As for the WIN10 license I think you are right. I am not sure though. On the new laptop when the tech transferred my HD info and files from this old girl to my new laptop with I-5 processors he said something about that: using my old windows licence. To say I know nothing about computers. Finally as to being a “natural keyboard jockey”; I must admit being able to use Linux through the terminal and control the computer and access information via a few keystrokes is empowering for me. I enjoy using this old girl more than the new machine I bought and right now she is performing relatively well with exceptions, as stated above. Linux does require more research and learning than Windows to use the terminal, but is very powerful from what I have been realizing. Thank you very much for helping me along the way by your sharing of information and knowledge and then by checking out My Voyage to Linux. I feel like I am becoming part of the Linux community and taking back some of my freedom. Amazing what a computer OS can do!


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