Learning and loving; Linux Mint

I spent this weekend playing around with my old laptop and it’s new OS Linux Mint. I am still very satisfied with my decision to try out something new and learn more about computing.

Watched a Joe Collins video and enjoyed it while doing dishes. I noticed he worked in radio. He definitely has a cool and calm voice. Always enthusiastic about Linux and educating his audience. This keeps me interested in learning more about Linux and using my computer from the terminal.

I also checked out information and reviews on CS50 Introduction to Computer Science it really appeals to me but really intensive. It is on the radar for my future learning, but I believe I still need to seek out more information on my own before I decide to invest over 200 hours and commit myself to such an adventure. If I do do it and succeed, I would definitely be proud and feel it would be quite an accomplishment.

In the reviews however, a few people seemed to express that a lot of extra time would be needed to learn some of the basic programming skills and it was a challenge for someone like me who had zero knowledge of computer programming. On the other hand most of the reviews indicated that after completing this course, even for techies; they all learned something new and would have liked to begin their studies in computing with a course like this.

So as I said, if I feel adventurous enough and decide to devote a large chunk of my time and energy to really getting into computers and acquiring new skills I might consider taking this course. Put it this way, I now have a new goal and objective that I can see as a way to seriously advance my computer skills; if I am totally serious and realistic about it!

Besides finding new things to learn and a new goal in my “Voyage to Linux”, I spent this weekend going through some commands on the terminal to find out information about this laptop that I use Mint on. What I am mostly interested in is finding out about my laptop performance.

As I write this blog I have Gnome system monitor installed. It shows my memory usage at 94%. Since I have installed Linux Mint on this system as a dual boot I have noticed a better performance while using Mint, however when opening Firefox, a few windows and terminals my memory usage is at the limit. My system froze up this weekend while watching Joe’s video. I had to power off. The same used to happen on this system while using Windows 10 but much more frequently. So right now I am on a quest to find out how I can better my performance with this system.

That is where my learning and research has taken me since I began this whole “Voyage to Linux”. At this point I may just live with it until I decide to convert this whole system to Linux and scrap my dual boot in hope that freeing up the Windows partition will devote more memory to decrease my 90% usage range.

In the meantime I will have to find out whether my memory usage is so high because of my system capabilities. Processor and system specs. Maybe my computer is just too old. That will be my next path to learning.

I am truly debating installing Linux on my new (used) laptop as a dual boot and therefore converting this old girl solely to Linux. On the new unit I have a SSD hard drive. To show you how little I know, the sales guy said this would improve my performance and effectively the new laptop is really quick compared to this one. I know it all has to do with RAM but again I lack the techical knowledge to understand exactly what is happening. It is also hard to compare the two laptops due to the age gap, this laptop I am using Linux on must be close to 15 years old. The new one is only about 5-10.

In the end Linux has enabled me to continue to use my old equipment and learn more about tech in general. It has allowed me to take some of my computer power back. I feel like I control the computer and not the other way around.

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Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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