Tor Browser

After some research and looking into some of the privacy issues I decided to download the TOR browser. The Onion Router.

The TOR browser is definitely worth a try. Firstly, the reason for this browser and the onion routing is to keep what you do on your computer and the internet private to you as you want it to be.

When I found out about the Snowden revelations and then looked more into it I realized that I was now scared of typing or looking for certain things on the internet. Even today I feel that if I say or look into something that is not say politically acceptable I will be held accountable for it. I feel that if I look up something or criticize the government of the US I may be banned from visiting if they happen to check my social media or even trace my internet activity. From what I understand our cel phones are always available to the intelligence community if they really want. For those who say if you have nothing to hide it doesn’t matter. I disagree, I worry that my surfing and computer habits will be tracked and eventually they will know more about me than I know about myself. That scares me.

TOR at least solved some of those concerns for me about my privacy. I feel now that at least I do not have google and their sponsors following me all the time. Surfing the internet is much faster. My old laptop now loads pages immediately. I still get search results that contain google ads but much less, so I feel my searches are less biased.

I must still use MS or Google as browsers or Firefox, since for some things such as banking or other websites it gets difficult. But for most of my browsing habits and my old lap top the TOR is my go to browser and I will not look back. If you are at all concerned about your browsing privacy and ads slowing down your pages check out the TOR. If you have children, especially children I believe that their browsers should automatically be set to TOR.

It is actually very easy to download. I can do this , so can anyone.

As I learn more about Open source and continue my computer & linux education you will be able to follow me.


Published by gsas01

Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

One thought on “Tor Browser

  1. I got rid of all my old computers the past few year…have a 2006 MoBo on a test bench in the shed now, but never even use it after moving to all new stuff last year. Have found WIN10’s Windows Security to be so good that I stopped buying Virus protection (and their yearly renewal!) and stopped worrying about security. Another Linux Distro I tested a lot last year was Kodachi Linux … have a Page w/ all those posts on it. It’s probably the most secure OS and browsing platform any normal desktop users can get, and runs on everything I tested it on including that old MoBo in the shed (WIN10 was very slow on that thing). Kodachi Linux is loaded with apps, security browsers.

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