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So in my quest for more internet privacy and literacy the next application I downloaded to take control back of my hardware is Proton Mail. Proton mail claims to encrypt your email messages. If both users have the application the messages are totally encrypted


I must make something clear however if you have read my previous blogs. I have Proton Mail that I use, however this is on my windows laptop. My other laptop that has Linux Mint has another email application. In my search through application manager in Mint and for Linux, I could not find the Proton Mail application. So I use Proton on my windows laptop, along with a TOR browser. THis is my goto laptop. I do most of my work on this as I am not ready yet nor capable to run a fully Linux laptop. I am still learning and need the familiarity of windows.

So Proton advertises itself as a NON Profit Organization based on the moral values of internet privacy.

I am still relatively new to the application but I must admit I do like the address I can use, as well as the encryption. I use the free service so many of the options are unavailable. There is a limit to storage space, number of contacts , folders and the ability to register other ending addresses such as

Upgrade and packages screen

I downloaded the app on my Iphone and I must admit signing in is faster than by laptop. The APP on the Iphone is great and offers the ability to use Proton mobile frtom anywhere.

As a new user and not ready to pay for the premium services since right now I do not have the need. But so far I am satisfied by the claims about security and privacy. As a non technical IT person it seems to work the way it is advertised and I do believe that somehow my email correspondences do have that added layer of protection. Especially if both users do have Proton.

There are limitations I have found however when using Proton. If I add an attachment it does seem to take quite a long time to download. I figure due to the encrypting process. Sometimes I have had my computer crash as well, where the download freezes everything on my cpu. Regardless, often when I reboot the attachment has been uploaded. This has happened a few times out of at least 20 attempts. I am willing to live with this since I am sure my laptop and internet connection are also responsible.

Let me know if you have tried it and what your impressions are. Thank you.

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Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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