Windows vs. Linux O/S

As I describe myself as a newbie and newIT (new to IT) I have been experimenting with a Linux Mint Cinammon distro on an old laptop computer. SO far I am very happy with the performance and it seems to have kicked the old girl into shape. Many of the applications are faster on the Linux distro and it seems much more flexible to configure and adapt to each user. Windows to me hides everything your computer does behind the OS. I rather see some of what is going on behind the scenes on my hardware and to me Linux seems to afford that.

WHen my old laptop shut down and crashed I brought it to a computer shop and told them I needed to transfer my HD to a new laptop as this one was no longer performing. They did so at least I did not lose my data but when they gave it back I was warned that the crash and HD would be unreliable. Unfazed I rebooted my old laptop and it opened up and began to work. I began trying to surf the web and then open a few applications at the same time and test it out, as that is what had happened when it first crashed. It performed as before, very slow and eventually freezing up. That was it. I shut it down and began looking into Linux.

I then downloaded Mint. So far my old lap top has been performing quite well with the new Mint OS and I love to work on the old girl now. My old laptop that I thought was too slow and obsolete is now my fun machine that I use to learn Linux and to surf the web with relative speed.

THus the reason for my Poll. I am completely satisfied with my new Linux OS. My old laptop performs way better than it did under the windows OS and it breathed new life into the old girl. It also opened my eyes to how intrusive and obstructive windows really is. After realizing what a linux distro did to my old computer with a lean OS I get more of that power back. I get the feeling that ulitmately I am in control of my hardware rather than blindly handing it off to Windows and having almost no clue on what is running in the background.

It has opened my eyes. Please take my poll! Thank you.


Published by gsas01

Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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