New Year; 20 year perspective, My Linux 2.020

”Time keeps on ticking, into the future”. Yes it does, another year another decade. Wow I think back twenty years ago and the world was supposed to end; Y2K and the bug…..Oooooo the computers are going to stop working because the dates were programmed with only the two last digits of the year.

Stock markets soared in the years preceding the year 2000, at least as far as I can remember; IT companies and related jobs exploded, and the world shifted into second gear in the new era of information technology. There was a lot of talk and investment into IT leading up to the year 2000 and recession worries. Governments, corporations and all organizations around the world were investing into this problem. The Y2K bug put IT on the center stage and made us come to the realization that we were truly dependent upon computers and the future; the year 2000 was finally here. Imagine 100 years earlier where we were. The whole world was collaborating, investing and truly realizing that we were all inter-twined online.

Twenty years later it seems to me we can now say that we have moved into fourth gear on the information highway. You say we skipped a gear? The third, damn straight. Certainly feels that way. We have gone from 10-100 mph so fast that we are barely hanging on, without seat belts. We are redlining and actually trying to straighten out as our rear end is skidding back and forth across the road. Skid marks appearing behind as we shifted from second to third and now fourth. Straightening out, or are we loosing control?

We have realized that we are driving a test rocket. We now know that we are all linked and tracked online by our data points. We now know that meta data is used by ideological, governmental, and corporate interests and are high-jacking our basic human privacy rights. We now know that our rights in supposed democratic countries are being eroded or manipulated by big business and government and these entities are using psychological profiling to manipulate opinions and essentially thought. BIG BROTHER here we come? (What a link to send you to; lol sorry.) Case in point.

Twenty years ago is when I realized that my IT knowledge would never be enough. I am not trained in computers, I am a software user. Not knowing how software or programming works (underneath the hood) it is very difficult for me to know what I am doing 1. Then 2. what information about myself am I giving away without realizing. As an admitted software user, I have finally acknowledged my problem (weakness). I have been living in denial for years and still am. I know squat; and if I know nothing about what the hell is going on, I think about all the people I know that have no clue about what is going on. Especially parents who are not considering the future of their children.

As per my analogy we are in fourth gear riding a rocket. We are loosing our rights & privacy, realizing it, and not being able to deal with it fast enough. As a US election looms, democracies around the world and most of its people have finally come to the realization that we are being manipulated in a way unprecedented in human history. Psychological profiles are being built on us and this information: it’s purpose, use, and retention is obscure and inaccessible to us, although it directly concerns us.

My voyage to Linux, is my personal route to not just being a rehabilitated software user but to becoming an informed consumer and user of IT.

For the holidays I have given up a bit on my Linux training and use. My ole laptop has been a sleep with Mint since Christmas. Admittedly I have also run into my first problem. I will detail this little adventure on an upcoming blog.

Thank you, and the best for 2020 to “you and yours privacy” and Linux use.

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Very new to web site creation, blogs etc. Finally decided to put myself out there. Any criticisms, advice or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

One thought on “New Year; 20 year perspective, My Linux 2.020

  1. Oh, I remember the whole Y2K well. I was the marking and communications specialist for a software company. The amount of testing we had to do was intense, and then we had PROVE the testing was done. We created a ‘stamp’ for all our marketing materials “Y2K OK!” Of course, nothing happened. We watched as Australia rang in the new year, and when planes did not fall from the sky, our own new year’s celebrations were just a little bit quieter.

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